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Auto Electrical Repairs

We use some of the latest, state of the art, diagnostic equipment to test your vehicle and uncover any auto electrical problems. Proper testing ensures finding the root of the problem; so when we fix it, we do it right the first time! Our qualified and experienced auto electricians are committed to providing excellent workmanship on every repair.

Car Air Conditioning

Your car’s air conditioning system cools, purifies, refresh and circulates air inside your vehicle to create a comfortable environment and prevent driver’s stress. The air conditioning system operates in a continuous cycle, sending refrigerant through a sealed system to eliminate hot air from the cabin compartment. 

Vehicle Servicing




Is your car over-heating?

Is your car radiator getting old?

Does your car radiator need to be replaced?

Victoria Auto Electrics has the solution, we can;

  • Send your radiator for repairs
  • Replace your old car radiator with a new one

Computer Diagnostics

Having the correct equipment is an essential part of servicing todays modern cars. Victorian Auto Electrics have latest diagnostic equipment that can identify and allow us to fix any electrical issue your vehicle might have. A modern vehicle can produce many different fault codes which are picked up by sensors that continually report to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and tell it how your vehicle is performing.

Vehicle Security

For commercial vehicle operators the latest GPS equipped security systems with geo-referencing maybe something you’re looking for to better track your fleet. Whether your current security system is malfunctioning, or you require additional security for your vehicle, please call in to discuss your needs.

Starters & Alternators

The electrical systems of today’s cars are complex and today’s advanced automotive technology places increased demands on automotive components. Your alternator, starter, ignition and battery are all crucial to your vehiclesperformance and, more importantly, its safety. When an alternator or starter motor fails, chances are, their components have outlived the intended service life.

All Mechanical Repairs

  1. Brake & clutch
  2. Fuel pumps
  3. Fuel injection, including EFI & carburetors
  4. Differentials & starter motors
  5. Diagnostics & computer systems
  6. Belts & hoses
  7. Auto electrics
  8. Air conditioning
  9. Brake hose manufacturing
  10. Glass, including windscreens and windows
  11. Exhaust systems & mufflers

Roadworthy Certificates

Typically a roadworthy inspection will include:

  1. Condition of wheels and tyres
  2. Steering
  3. Suspension
  4. Brakes
  5. Lamps, signals and reflectors
  6. Windscreen and windows
  7. Wipers and washers
  8. Seats and seat belts
  9. Body, chassis and engine

Logbook Servicing

To maintain your new car manufacturer’s statutory warranty the car must be serviced:

  1. By qualified staff – our staff are fully qualified mechanics.
  2. In accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications – we follow (and often exceed) the manufacturer’s requirements set out in the handbook.

We provide fast and affordable service for your vehicles.

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Victorian Auto Electrics is a family operated business which has been servicing Melbourne for over 30 years. We operate four break down vehicles to service the earth moving and trucking industries, when your vehicle is too big or broken down.

-Exchange starters and alt motors for most —
vehicles and machinery
-New Batteries
-Auto Air Conditioning (as well as on site)
-Electric brakes installation
-Accessory installation
-UHF Radios
-Electrical Safety Equipment

We specialize in the diagnosis & repair of the on-board management systems, which is covering all areas of On-board analytic Systems. We are specialized in all Mobile Auto Electrician Melbourne , from general electrical fault finding, Auto Mobile Service, Starter Motor Alternators, Car Immobilisers, Car Batteries Repairs, Auto Electrical Repairs, Battery Replacement, Fuel Injection Services, etc.

The team at Victorian Auto Electrics are passionate about their work and ensure that they keep up to date with all procedures and equipment that are needed to work on today’s ever-changing automotive industry and vehicles

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We are proudly accredited by VACC and Vicroad.