Starters & Alternators

The electrical systems of today’s cars are complex and today’s advanced automotive technology places increased demands on automotive components. Your alternator, starter, ignition and battery are all crucial to your vehiclesperformance and, more importantly, its safety.

More and more of today’s vehicles are being controlled by onboard computers and this is why the electrical system in todays modern vehicles is more important than ever.

When an alternator or starter motor fails, chances are, their components have outlived the intended service life.

At Victorian Auto Electrics, we specialise in the supply, repair and refurbishment of starter motors, and alternators for all vehicle makes and models. We offer a full repair and replace service so you are never kept waiting any longer than is absolutely necessary.


The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It sends power to essential parts of your vehicle like the headlights, the engine fan, ignition coils and various parts of the fuel injection system. It also powers non-essential, but still very important parts like the radio and air conditioning system.

Starter Motor

The starter motor does the opposite to the alternator. It changes electrical energy into mechanical energy. The starter uses the electricity from the battery to start the crankshaft turning, and that gets your car going.

Inspected by Trained Professionals

It’s important to have your alternator or starter motor checked regularly because it’s not always readily apparent when these components may fail.

At Victorian Auto Electrics we know about your vehicles starter motor and alternator. We can inspect, test and repair any component in your cars electrical systems.

So if you think your car is having issues with its starter motor or alternator bring to Victorian Auto Electrics.